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SAP FICO Training In Bangalore

SAP is the world leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; of the software’s modules, the FI (Finance) and CO (Controlling) are by far the most popular and are widely implemented. SAP FICO stands for FI(Financial Accounting) and CO(Controlling).


In SAP FICO training you will learn how to configure and implement SAP’s FI and CO modules to maximize functionality and features hands-on, step-by-step instructions and real-world examples that provide immediate and practical solutions. Starting form basic Organisational structure to Account receivables and account payables, Investment and treasure management concepts, Cost element accounting and profit center group and many more concepts are covered.

Updated for SAP’s ECC 6.0, the SAP fico training covers FI enterprise structure, general ledger, substitutions and validations, automatic account assignments, accounts payable and receivable, asset accounting, accrual engine, closing entries, credit management, lockbox, CO enterprise structure, profitability analysis (CO-PA).

SAP FICO Training Curriculum

SAP FICO (Finance & Controlling)

SAP R/3 Systems

Introduction to ERP:
An introduction to ERP technology describes the basic features of client/server computing and the technical structure of ERP systems, and then goes on to introduce the technical architecture of the R/3 system, application development with ABAP/4, R/3 business applications and implementation of an R/3 system within a business. This new edition of the best-selling introduction to the R/3 system has been comprehensively updated to reflect the changes and advances introduced with v4 of the system, and include new coverage in areas such as Internet capability, SAP’s Business Framework, Object Technology and R/3, and implementation and customization of an R/3 system.

Finance and Control (FICO) Road Map

Chapter 1:- Introduction

  • Introduction to ERP Systems

  • Introduction to SAP

Chapter 2:- Enterprise structure

  • Defining company

  • Configuring company code

  • Defining business area

  • Maintaining consolidation business area

  • Defining credit control area

  • Assigning company code to company

  • Assigning company code to credit control area

  • Assigning business area to consolidation business area

Chapter 3:- Financial accounting global settings

  • Maintaining fiscal year variant

  • Assigning fiscal year variant to company code

  • Defining posting periods

  • Defining open and close posting periods

  • Assigning variant to company code

  • document types

  • defining document number ranges

  • Defining posting keys

  • Defining field status variant

  • Assigning field status variant to company code

  • Defining tolerance groups for employees

Chapter 4 :- General ledger accounting

  • Defining chart of accounts

  • Assigning chart of accounts to company code

  • Defining account groups

  • Defining retained earnings account

  • Creating GL accounts

  • Postings

  • Parking the document

  • Sample document

  • Reversal entries

  • Recurring document

Chapter 5 :- Accounts Receivable

  • Creating customer groups

  • Creating number ranges

  • Assigning number ranges to customer groups

  • Creating main ledger

  • Creating sales account

  • Creating customer

  • Raising sales invoice

  • Incoming payments

  • Cash discounts

  • Down payment

  • Interest calculation

  • Credit memo

  • Dunning

Chapter 6 :- Accounts payable

  • Creating vendor groups

  • Creating vendor ranges

  • Creating ranges to vendor groups

  • Creating main ledger

  • Creating material account

  • Creating vendor

  • Raising vendor invoice

  • Outgoing payments

  • Cash discounts

  • Interest calculation

  • Down payment

  • Debit memo

Chapter 7 :- Bank Accounts

  • Creating house bank

  • Configuring petty cash journal

  • Configuring automatic payment to vendors

  • Creating check lots

  • Configuring bank statement

Chapter 8 :- Bill of Exchange

  • Post bill of exchange

  • Present bill of exchange

  • Discounting bill of exchange

Chapter 9 :- Withholding tax

  • Configuring TDS for vendors

  • Raising vendor invoice

  • Calculating TDS

Chapter 10 :- Vat calculations

  • Creating GL accounts of input tax output tax and sales tax

  • Configuration for tax calculation

  • Postings

Chapter 11 :- Foreign currency

Chapter 12 :- Asset Accounting

  • Copying chart of depreciation

  • Assigning chart of depreciation to company code

  • Assigning input tax and output tax indicators

  • Specify account determination

  • Create screen layout rules

  • Creating asset classes

  • Creating depreciation key

  • Creating on asset

  • Acquisition of asset

  • Running depreciation

  • Sale of asset

  • Transfer of asset

  • Scraping of an asset

Chapter 13 :- New GL Accounts

  • Configuring new GL

  • Configuring multiple ledger

  • Document splitting

  • Configuring leading and non-leading ledger

Chapter 14 :- Financial statement versions

  • Configuring trading and P&L & Balance sheet

Chapter 15 :- Closing down procedures

Chapter 16 :- Integration

  • Integration with FI & MM

  • Integration with FI & SD

  • Integration with FI & HR

Chapter 17 :- Reports

  • Various reports of customers vendors and assets


Chapter 1 :- General Controlling

  • Maintaining control area settings

  • Maintaining number ranges for controlling documents

  • Maintain versions

  • Defining active modules

Chapter 2 :- Cost Element Accounting

  • Creating various types of cost elements

  • Creating primary cost element

  • Creating secondary cost element

  • Defining reconciliation ledger

Chapter 3 :- Cost center Accounting

  • Creating cost centre hierarchy

  • Creating cost centre

  • Creating activity types

  • Creating statistical key figures

  • Creating report painter

  • Planning for secondary cost elements

  • Reports of cost centers

Chapter 4 :- Internal Orders

  • Configuring internal orders

  • Planning for internal orders

  • Reports of internal orders

Chapter 5 :- Profit Center Accounting

  • Creating profit center

  • Creating dummy profit center

  • Creating profit center hierarchy

  • Assigning profit center to cost center

Chapter 6 :- Product costing

  • Configuration of product costing

  • Maintain overhead cost elements

  • Maintain overhead keys

  • Define cost component structure

  • Reports

Chapter 7 :- Controlling profitability analysis

  • Configuring basic settings for COPA

Chapter 8 :- ASAP Methodology

SAP FICO is one domain in the ERP which is centrally connected to all the other domains, so the requirements to meet to market demand is quite high and the professionals required to work on this particular software is high. SAP FICO training is designed in such a way to suit the market demand for its efficiency in learning and delivering various chapters according to the requirements of the business.

  1. SAP FICO Training Batch /Timing – Flexible batch timings according to your time convenient.
  2. SAP FICO Training Week day batches – Monday to Friday, 2 hours per day, total 90 hours, 60 days.
  3. SAP FICO Training weekend batches – Saturday and Sunday 3 hours per day, total 90 hours, 75 days.
  4. Mode of training – SAP FICO Classroom Training / SAP FICO Online Training
  5. Study Material – Both hard copy and soft copy of SAP FICO Training material will be provided.
  6. LAB – 24/7 lab facility in the institute.
  7. Server access – 24/7 online server access will be provided (server can be accessed from outside the institute also).
  8. Trainers’ profile – Real time consultants with 6 to 8 years of experience on SAP FICO platform, Worked on one full life cycle implementation projects, good experience in giving Training with International Standards.
  9. SAP FICO Demo session – We work all 7 days a week; you can walk-in to our office to interact with the FICO trainer to understand.

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SAP FICO TRAINING IN BANGALORE, The best SAP FICO Training Institute in Bangalore

Welcome to SoftPro9 SAP FICO Training in Bangalore.

SoftPro9 is a leading SAP FICO Training Institute in Bangalore which offer diverse range of ERP training packages which cover wide range of SAP courses under SAP Technical and SAP Functional, you can be sure of our 100% coFICOitment for courses. We have highly SAP experienced trainers who are working side by side on one of the biggest projects in IT Corporates and all over the world. Our experienced sap trainers are regularly reviewing the curriculum of all SAP courses and keep it up to date according to industry trends. We also provide full flexibility to students regarding study timing. Students can choose their timing for their course of study with the mutual consent and availability of SAP trainers.

SAP Job Prospects in the India and abroad Due to the value added by SAP to medium and big sized businesses in terms of making them to become ever more efficient, the growth in the application of ERP’s is inevitable. SAP is the world’s biggest ERP software brand, supporting many industries all over the world. Lot of organisations continue to implement SAP Solutions globally. Therefore there is a huge demand for SAP functional and technical consultants in India and all over the world to help enterprises implement SAP Solutions and to work on on-going support projects and also to work either on a self-employed basis or with an SAP FICO Training provider as a trainer training prospective SAP consultants and end users. This gives an opportunity to individuals with functional or technical expertise in the field of SAP Solutions to fill this demand and supply gap in the workforce. SAP is also one of the smoothest ways of transition into the highly paid IT industry for people with non IT backgrounds. Opportunities in SAP are available in various industries and especially with companies in the technology sector such as IBM, Accenture, TCS, HP, Wipro Etc.

SAP Placements with SoftPro9, Although there is no guarantee of a job on course completion, we are almost certain that we shall be able to place you in a suitable position within a few weeks after successful completion of the course due to our position and reputation in the technology consulting industry and more importantly the network of organization’s we work with who use SAP for their ERP needs.

SAP FICO Training Institute In Bangalore

What is ERP?

ERP Abbreviated as Enterprise Resource Planning,

ENTERPRISE – Group of people working together for a common goal

RESOURCE – Can be man power, money, machine, material any assets of an organization

PLANNING – How it is and how it has to be, SAP is one of the ERP product,

What is SAP? SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products in information preparing. The SAP Business Suite programming is intended to permit organizations to addition better vision over all territories of their business with the added profit of having the capacity to respond rapidly with complete data. This adds adaptability and productivity to business methods bringing about the capacity to lower fetches and improve execution. SAP – (systems applications products in data processing ) its German based ERP products, it’s one of the leading ERP in market, it has got more than 250 readymade solutions in it like any country , currency, industry, sap can be implemented in any big organisation having according to their requirement, when you customize SAP ( readymade ERP ) according to client specific requirement , ( business process ) that’s nothing but implementation, to understand clients requirement, requirement gathering has to be done, consultant who is gathering the information should have relevant qualification with SAP training.

So just make sure to visit the best SAP fico training institute in Bangalore to get the best information on SAP Training method in Bangalore.

Note: The programs and services mentioned are subject to improvements from time to time. We wish you all good luck for achieving the desired career and will bring in your dreams coming true. We are tuning up sap fico training in Bangalore timely to be as best sap fico training institute in Bangalore.

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SAP Training in sap fico training in bangalore, sap training institute in bangalore

Trainer had excellent knowledge, Completely satisfied. Trainer had an excellent knowledge in this area. He was a great help in breaking down all the information.

Anuradha Raj

Sales Head, TATA Motors

Informative SAP training! Very informative training. SAP trainer was always willing to explain the facts. His functional skill and explanation of terms were exemplary.


Warehouse Manager, Religare

Interactive and good SAP Training! SAP Training program was very interactive and good. Trainer explained the concepts clearly and thoroughly.

Kuldeep Patil

Senior Developer, IBM

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